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Discipleship Works: Thanksgiving

Joy Through Generosity | Discipleship Works!

Does your family have any traditions for gift giving at Christmas? Maybe drawing names, dollar limits, unmarked gifts picked at random, gifts starting with a certain letter in “Christmas” or certainly, lists? Lists of what we want, sometimes necessity, often frivolous. God sees beyond our list & gives us the gift that we NEED, His Son and Salvation. His list? For us to be His disciples in all we do. The price? Putting Him first in all things, in our daily lives, families, neighbors, finances, work, & play. He wants to be our first priority, in success or failure, joy or sadness, all our decisions. We gather at NLC to gain strength for our personal discipleship & carry the message of grace outward with our programs. India, Peru, Minneapolis, our neighborhoods, our NLC family, taking the story of discipleship & salvation to all. Is discipleship easy? No, but as we set our priorities and align our lives with His kingdom, He is walking with us, standing for us, an ever present help. This Christmas, unwrap the gift of eternal life and let your discipleship shine.