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Adult Community Learning

Sundays, September - May | 10:00-10:40am

Join us between services on Sunday mornings for a time of adult community learning! Come deepen your learning, faith, and connection with others. All are welcome.

Fall 2018

Sundays, Sept 16 - Nov 18 | 10:00-10:40 am | Fellowship Hall

Sept 16-30 | Young Adults in the Church: A problem to be solved?

There seems to be a lot of handwringing about a seemingly dwindling number of young adults actively participating in faith communities these days, but not many solutions that seem to “work!” What if we started seeing young people as more than a problem to be solved? Join resident  young adults on staff Maggie Jones and Ian McConnell as they lead conversations, panel discussions, and dream out loud about how congregations like ours could change—once again—to help young adults participate in relationship-based intergenerational communities where our faith has consequences in all parts of life!

Oct 7 | Joy for Generations: The NLC Organ Restoration Project

10:00-10:40am | Sanctuary

Don't miss this chance to learn the inside story of our amazing pipe organ! We'll watch a video tour featuring all the intricate organ features, hear about its amazing journey from Florida to Normandale, and discover the current challenges to maintain it. Join Pastor Paul, David Clarke, and John Ferguson as they teach us about this remarkable instrument that has served us so well, but now requires extensive repairs and restoration. Come learn how our instrument can be restored to continue to bring the  joy of music to generations to come!
There will be no ACL classes on MEA, Reformation Sunday, or All Saints' Sunday.

Oct 14 | Mission Outreach @ NLC

Mission Outreach, local and foreign, has been integral to congregational life at Normandale Lutheran Church. Yet few members know how many ministries we actually support and how we began partnering with them. Who makes the decisions? When should we sunset a relationship or engage with a new one? How do our members really feel about mission outreach? A core group of members have been researching these questions for the past 8 months, including conducting focus groups and preparing a church-wide survey. Come to this forum to hear our preliminary results and engage in this conversation.

Nov 11 & 18 | Normandale Lutheran Church: Vision 2020-2025

What does the future of NLC look like? How can we follow God’s lead? Come join the conversation.

Dec 2 & 9 | Christmas Gospel Comparative: Why Not Mark?

Our study will focus on the Christmas Gospels in Luke and Matthew, with a taste of the cosmic incarnation in John. We will explore the three stories of the “beginnings” of God’s incarnation, from annunciation to travels to birth, looking for clues to what the Gospel writer intends to say. Why shepherds? Why wise people? Why emperors, Bethlehem, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph? An opportunity to prepare for the coming of Christ to us!

Dec 2 | Matthew: The Not So Wise Ones presented by Pastor Dale Howard
Dec 9 | Luke: Trying to Make Census of the Birth presented by Pastor Paul Pettersen
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