Living Well/Ending Well

Living Well/Ending Well | Why Talking Matters

Saturday, November 2, 2019 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm | Normandale Lutheran Church

The goal of this workshop is to change how we talk about death, one conversation at a time. Making decisions on your options and choices - then starting the conversation - will give you peace of mind. Give a gift to yourself, your children, or someone you love.
Join us for a rare opportunity to learn, discuss, and demystify decisions that happen as we approach the end of life. 
“Our ultimate goal, after all, is not a good death, but a good life to the very end.” -Atul Gawande

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Welcome - Pastor Paul Pettersen, Normandale Lutheran Church
Legal decision making - Laura Zdychnec, Long, Reher, Hanson & Price, Ltd., Elder Attorneys
What is Hospice Like? - Mary McCoy, RN, Park Nicollet Hospice Administrator
Funeral Planning - Alexa Goetsch & Pam Tsatsos from Washburn McCreavy Funeral Home & Carrie Kilberg, Funeral Planner, Normandale Lutheran Church 
The Conversation - Pastor Paul Pettersen

Questions? Contact Susan O'Connell, NLC Parish Nurse, at 952.977.9358 or