Holy Hammers, Normandale Lutheran ChurchHire the Holy Hammers

Need to spruce up the house? We'll help. Is it broken? We'll fix it. Is the yard in need of TLC? We're on it.

The Holy Hammers is a group of full-service handy and talented volunteers led by Normandale member, Jack Kemme. From plumbing to landscaping to anything in between, the Holy Hammers are on the job. No job is too small - they fix them all!

Project work will be scheduled by Jack Kemme. Typically small projects are completed one Wednesday per month and larger projects completed one Saturday per month. After submitting a request, Jack will contact you to schedule project work.

The Holy Hammers is an outreach service of Normandale Lutheran Church. Clients served are asked to pay for materials and in lieu of paying for labor, clients are asked to make a non-deductible contribution to support the ministry and mission of NLC. 

Questions about our services? Interested in joining the Holy Hammers team? Please contact Jack Kemme at jkemme@comcast.net.

Have a home project? We'd be happy to serve you.

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