Lent 2020

Wednesday Lenten Worship Series

Wednesdays, March 4 - April 1 | 11:30am & 7:00pm | Sanctuary

When You Were Hungry 

Wednesday Vespers services will once again focus on a quiet worship with comforting words, questions (sometimes without answers) and reflective music. We want you to be with us!

Wednesday Worship Lenten Series | Schedule


March 4. Lent 1.  We do not live by bread alone, but daily bread is a good thing! 

Matthew 4: 1-11
Dan Green, chef and baker at the Good Earth restaurant, talks with Pastor Paul about the process of baking bread. Dan has provided fresh bread for Normandale communion for many years!


March 11.  Lent 2.  Hunger for Understanding

John 3: 1-17
The “why” of why things happen doesn’t always have an answer. David Clarke and Pastor Paul talk about God’s presence in the tough times.


March 18.  Lent 3.  Hunger for Community

John 4: 5-42
NLC member Pamela Reinhard visits with Pastor Rebecca about being a new member and finding community in many ways. Retired from the Minnesota Orchestra, Pam will also share her gift of music.


March 25.  Lent 4.  Hunger for Healing

John 9: 1-41
Dr. Dan Berntson shares with us how life can change in an instant & how God’s healing shows up in many ways. An avid cyclist for decades, Dan experienced a paralyzing accident that changed his life.


April 1.  Lent 5.  Hunger for New Life

John 11: 1-45
Lorraine Born tells us the remarkable story of her near-death experience.